Remembering those who died so we can say ‘never again’

I recently attended Armistice Day at a local cemetery with my good friend David Hardcastle, a local journalist.– It’s an annual event where some of us get together, give thanks and remember those that gave their lives so we can say ‘NEVER AGAIN’.

I abhor war and any kind of violence. I am grateful that in my lifetime I never had to fight, maim or kill another human being for the sake of a piece of land, preservation of someone’s ego or to punish someone for their ideology. This I am grateful for more than anything. But what of those that went before us, who felt the same way as we do, who respected life and everyone’s right to be happy healthy and free, but had no choice because they were born at the wrong time. These are the people I hold dear in my DNA. Each, regardless of race, class or country are descendants from the same ancestral family as you and I. It is these brothers and sisters that I mourn.


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