Nurture passion in our children

Each of us is special, we have our own talents, skills and abilities. Just add a sprinkling of passion and you create motivation. I’ve met many parents who try and push their kids to do things that they believe kids need to do to be high achievers, or worse still, what the neighbors’ kids are doing. Yet the kids only do them because they have no choice.

Learning a subject, be it piano, ballet or martial arts is a waste of time if your child feels no passion for it. Passion is an emotion, and emotion is the fuel that drives our motivation to do things. Without emotion there is no movement, no real learning – only memorizing at best.

Let’s set our children free, nurture and guide, inspire and celebrate, but don’t choose what they will study at university while they’re still in kindergarten.

This is Jasper by the way. He’s one of my grandsons. Can you guess what he wants to be?



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