Life is full of surprises – take time and they will come

Life is full of surprises – those special moments when time stands still, when all conscious thought and worry disappear and we enter a realm of new possibility. Yet so often, as adults, we don’t take time to nurture these experiences and instead, let these precious moments pass by.

As children we cherished these moments – dust dancing in a shaft of sunlight, the smell of freshly baked bread, a clear night sky full of stars. I try and take time to wonder, dream and open myself to this connection to the rest of the world.  I often share my special moments with friends, even strangers. I tell them about the time I let my mind wander while looking into a log fire. They always know what I’m talking about, because they’ve done it too. Our ancestors have done it for hundreds of thousands of years. You might say it’s in our DNA.

Check out the amazing video gifs created by French artist François Beaurain




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