Love letters and why they can make a difference

I decided to send my friends letters instead of emails. It somehow feels more special, it requires more effort and so has to be done with love, and I want my friends to know that I love them.

So today I wrote this silly letter to my friend David, a local journalist. What I didn’t realise is how much my letter mirrored what had just happened to him.┬áDavid has just had a serious stroke and has lost all his language ability. He can’t speak or write, although he can read. It made me think hard about how it would feel to be trapped in a body and mind that is unable to voice an opinion, to object or say I love you. A stroke can happen at any time, so don’t hold back from telling those you love how you feel about them. We are hoping David can recover, he needs to, he has so much more to share with the world – even though I’ve heard his stories over and over again.



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