Not everyone has time to get close to nature. Most of us live in cities because the material world demands it of us. However, if you step outside of this material world, even for a moment, there is a natural psychotherapy waiting to heal you. It’s a world where all problems dissolve. Trees will always listen to your stories, they won’t judge, they won’t offer advice – they will give you the time and space to work things out for yourself.

To find yourself in the middle of nature, uncontaminated by modern day distractions, you could easily be a hundred thousand years or more in the past – no world wars, no global warming, no negative news media or iPhones – only the sunrise and sunset, clouds, rain, and nights full of stars, family gatherings around log fires in caves, picking berries and nuts, and a lot of walking.

I find it amazing that each of our ancestors lived like this for thousands of years, and now we are the result of their perseverance and commitment to survival. Do we owe them something? I think so. Maybe the gift of an hour or two of our time to re-enter their world and say thank you. Their spirits are in these woods, trees and boulders and they have much to teach us. Let the ancestral healers present in your DNA help you to heal your worries and problems. Get close to nature.

This is a photo of land in the mountains of northern Thailand where I will build a house next year. It’s where I will invite my friends and students to share a piece of my world. It’s where I will live out the rest of my days and finally be laid to rest.


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