1. She speaks perfect English after a glass of wine, the rest of the time I have no idea what she’s saying.
  2. She has a laugh that can disrupt theatrical performances. So I only take her to comedies.
  3. She meditates every morning, which means that I have to do the washing up from the night before.
  4. She chants Buddhist sutras in ancient Pali every evening, our daughter thinks that all mums do it.
  5. For her, life is an adventure – she aims high and rarely misses.
  6. She’s 26 years younger than me.
  7. She’s a member of an important Royal family but rarely tells anyone – except when we want a good table in restaurants.
  8. Our daughter adores her and thinks she’s the silliest person in the world.
  9. She’s constantly talking on the phone to people I only read about in newspapers.
  10. She hates soft beds and prefers to sleep on the floor.
  11. She changes subject half way through sentences but doesn’t tell you she’s done it so you end up hearing some really weird stories.
  12. She’s just graduated with an MBA and is now working on her PhD.
  13. She loves to hola hoop in the garden in her underwear.
  14. She would sacrifice everything for our family.
  15. She once rescued me from a building by edging her way along a 30 cm ledge four stories up.
  16. She does fundraising for charities that I would never think of supporting, but then I end up being their main sponsor.
  17. She sees spirits, interprets dreams and reads tarot cards.
  18. She cooks amazing French food without knowing what it’s meant to taste like.
  19. She’s addicted to Papaya salad and regularly sends me out to buy some, regardless of whether its day or night.
  20. She looks stunning in silk and gets stared at in restaurants.
  21. She’s quiet and extremely polite in company and seems to effortlessly float in and out of rooms.
  22. She made the front cover of Monaco Lifestyle magazine two years ago with a three page article. So I keep a copy in the loo to impress visitors.
  23. She can float out of her body and visit places and doesn’t think it’s unusual.
  24. She has family all over the world who come to stay, so we’re always entertaining people I don’t know.
  25. She hates injustice and never listens to the news, so shuts me down if I talk about anything bad that’s happening.
  26. She’s just been elected ambassador for her university, so gets to visit other countries on their behalf for free.
  27. Her great grandfather owned an airline.
  28. She’s committed to ordaining as a female Buddhist monk in ten years’ time for the rest of her life.
  29. She doesn’t want to be reincarnated as she thinks that one life is enough.
  30. She’s left her body to science.
  31. She says she was a lion in a previous life.
  32. She often walks around the house naked.
  33. Most of my male friends are hoping I might die soon so they can marry her.

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