I’m in Madrid and it’s two o’clock in the morning. The restaurant has closed but there’s something happening in the back room. We sit on stools and boxes – anything we can get our hands on to sit and experience a performance of genuine gypsy flamenco music.

Only those in the know are here, and it’s a real privilege to have been allowed in. Supermodel Naomi Campbell is sitting across the room, and with the exception of a few Japanese students, everyone else here are Andalusian gypsies.

I am not prepared for this highly charged emotional experience, and when it starts it knocks me back. By midway I am overwhelmed. Tears flow (as usual), as I’m taken on an emotional journey deep into the heart of gypsy culture.

Members of the audience spontaneously get up to dance and sing – taking over the small area of floor where this incredible performance is taking place. The energy is pushed harder and harder until it climaxes in the most powerful outpouring of emotion I’ve ever seen in a musical performance. You get carried away by it, there is no escape and it stays with you forever.

Music is about feelings, it’s about pain and joy, suffering, love and a million other emotions. For me there’s no greater artist capable of expressing this wide range of emotions on the flamenco guitar than the inspirational Diego de Morón, second only to the late master Diego del Gastor. He’s now an old man but I understand that he’s still performing.

This video can’t possibly show the intensity of the night that I spent in that back room in Madrid, but it can show the feelings of one man – Diego de Morón in concert, expressing the heart and soul of real flamenco music.

Shut out the world and let him enter your soul – you won’t regret it.

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